Derivatives Market applied to commodities


Discover the usage, the types and the economic function of the derivatives market…

Derivatives is a world apart from Commodity Trading. Used to hedge operations, as well as to make profits, these tools deserve to be explored deeply!

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By Romain LATHIEREDerivatives Trader




This course proposes a detailed overview of the major Derivatives used in Commodity Trading, replying to the most important questions:

  • What are Derivatives?
  • How are they traded?
  • Who is trading them?
  • What are their links to physical trading?

This session will include interactive exercises, practical case studies and tips from the field!

Table of content


1 – Introduction to Futures Trading

– History
– Cash Market, Forward Curve and Futures Market
– Hedging Theory

2 – Prices Analysis, Order Types

– Fundamental Factors
– Technical Analysis, Charts
– Technical Analysis : Graphical Patterns
– Technical Analysis : Mathematical Indicators
– Orders Types

3 – Derivatives Margins, Settlement, Process of Delivery

– Margin Computations
– Settlement and Delivery Process

4 – Basic Hedging, Basis Calculations, Hedging Commodity Futures

– Hedging and Basis Calculation
– Future Spreads

5 – Option on Futures and Speculation with futures

– Option Description and Premiums
– Maximum Gains, Losses and Breakeven Points + Classic Hedging
– Speculating with Options
– Options Spreading
– Speculation on Commodity (Energy, Metals, Agriculture)



At the end of your course, if you achieve 75% success or more, you will receive an AW Academy certificate from Ampersand World recognized in the world of international trading. The latter is aimed at people who wish to integrate the world of trading or to professionals who wish to consolidate their knowledge in this field.
Pre-requisites: None


The Speaker

Romain LATHIEREDerivatives Trader

Romain has 15 years of experience in the commodity field, he has held various positions in multiple financial institutions: Equity and derivatives broker, commodities broker, multiasset trader, portfolio manager and trading advisor. he is a derivative products professional and a technical analysis specialist.